So What’s Next?

Here are a few of the projects
we are currently working on.

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Video / Documentary


The Matsés Indigenous people has completed an extraordinary five year quest to demarcate and map their ancestral lands.
The first cartographic records of their territory, history, and land use,  this maps will be instrumental fir present and future generations of Matsés to preserve their culture and protect their territory.

Video / Social-content

Zoom v React

A short comparison between Nike’s 2 highly popular silos,
Nike ZOOM and Nike REACT.
Intersport athletes walk us through the sneaker’s performance and the difference between them.

Recipe Videos

De Vegetarisch Slager

Some recipe videos of dishes made with De Vegetarisch Slager delicious products.

Video Serie


Mike and Jim embark on a mission to Mexico to uncover all the secrets of Mexican cuisine and customs to introduce them to Amsterdam. We made a serie of videos documenting their adventures and learnings. 

Video / Social

Nike Sport Bras

Short video showcasing the different kind of sport bras that Nike has to offer and explaining the technology applied in their production.